DK Photography Isle of Wight | Tamara and David pre-wedding shoot.

Tamara and David pre-wedding shoot.

June 23, 2016  •  1 Comment

I wanted Tamara and David to think of a place that really meant something special to them bothe for this shoot.
They chose Newtown Nature Reserve.

The weather kept back, and we even got some nice sunlight, a few hours later and the island was hit by a thunder and lightning storm.
We were very lucky.
We had great fun with the shoot, walking around the reserve and stopping when the moment took us.
The main portraits wanted were on the bridge, so we did these first. The rest were just how it happened,
and I love the way it went. So relaxed and full of laughter.

Please enjoy the images chosen for this blog.
And please leave comments below, as I'm sure the couple would love to read them from family and friends.

Thank you for asking me to be your photographer, I look forward in doing your wedding day for you.


chris and bill taylor(non-registered)
well these are a beautiful set of photo's and if your married life goes on the same way
I think you will both be very, very happy and content. Good luck to you both.
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