My Weddings


With 20 years of experience, I have the good fortune to be invited to record the enjoyment of the day, and to see the unique way how each person celebrates their wedding. It's an honour to do so, and your big day is very special and deserves the best work.

This is why you should always seek a professional to be your Photographer. 

Helping people relax, especially the Bride and Groom, is all part of the my job, and when I'm booked you have me for the entire wedding, right up to (and beyond) the 1st dance.
The choice of a FREE Popup Studio is also available to all of my couples who book me
for the whole day.

Popup Studio:



The day usually starts with the Bride at home or at a hotel, getting ready with all her bridesmaid's and family around her.  This is ideal for the candid portrait, and to take those small details that can pass by during the chaos.

The Bridal party having their make-up done is great for candid portraits.
I'm always aware with what's going on, and my camera is always at the ready.
I love the moment the dress is being fitted, times like these are usually a blur for the Bride.
And where's possible I never forget the Groom and the "lads", its his day as well.
I work closely with the Registrar or the Vicar, and this helps me get close to the action.
The service can go just like that, so I have to make sure I record every last detail.
And before you know it, its're married, Husband and Wife.
Time to relax and meet your guests.
Not forgetting to keep my eye out for that special detail that makes your wedding unique from everyone else's.
 After you've had a well earned breather, I like to take the you to one side and take some lovely posed, but relaxed, portraits.
Just before you go in for your first meal together as "Mr and Mrs", I like to get the whole wedding party in one big portrait.
This helps me know that I've taken at least one photo of everyone who has attended you big day.
Speeches are usually dreaded by those giving them, but are usually something everyone enjoys watching.
Its also great for the candid portraits of yourselves AND your guests
Then its PARTY TIME....
Great to capture you both relaxed and enjoying yourselves, and yet more candid's.
Lastly, if there is something special I can see that can produce a stunning portrait or two, I may ask you to take a couple of minutes to one side, just to end the day with a great shot of the new Mr and Mrs xxx
I never just disappear at the end of the night, I always come and see if there is any last portrait that you wish me to do.
If everything has been done, I come over and say my goodbyes and to wish you all the best.
Its a long day for me, but I will never tire of this job.
I love it and may it continue.
Please take a look at my prices, I'm always happy to help if none of the packs suit your needs.
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I Respect my clients privacy, so all albums are set to private, and can only
be viewed with the use of a password, that only me and the couple have access to.