Welcome to my Portrait Corner Page,
based at Parkdean Resorts, Lower Hyde, Isle of Wight.
Any questions please let me know when you're on site.
My days of work vary.
But mainly:
Monday (main season only)
Wednesday (DAY OFF)

Friday (main season only)
Saturday (if not booked for a Wedding)

6:30pm - 10pm
(later if busy)

If I'm not in for any reason, there will be notice made to let you know.


I also sell
key rings £3.50
Fridge Magnets £5
USB's £10
(includes 4 portraits loaded onto the stick)
10x8 enlargements. £10 each

Family Portraits as well as funny booth style.
Portraits are only on my laptop for two weeks at the most.
Then they are deleted and so are my camera cards.

Always happy to have a chat.