DK Photography IOW
Covid-19 Risk Assessment


Activity / Process / Operation:

Taking photographs of individuals and groups in the studio during COVID-19 pandemic

Identify the hazards (anything that can cause harm):

1. Person to person contact

2. Person to object/material contact (e.g. touching door handles, computers, chairs, cups etc)

3. Close contact working

Who might be harmed and how?

1. Member of public/client could be at an increased risk of contracting COVID-19, putting them at risk of serious illness.

Estimate Risk Level (H/M/L) now



What measures are in place to reduce the risk?

1. Photographer has referred closely to government guidance including:
– Staying COVID-19 secure
– Staying alert and safe – social distancing
- Working safely during Coronavirus (close contact services)

2. Photographer to maintain high levels of hygiene. This includes daily cleaning of areas that are receiving high traffic usage/ contact.
– Wiping down equipment
– Wiping down chairs and surfaces used by clients
– Photographer to wash hand frequently following government guidelines
– No handshaking
– Hand sanitiser provided for use by client

3. Photographer to maintain high levels of personal hygiene, including handwashing, at all times and to be alert of possible hygiene issues.

4. Ensure maximum number of 6 people ( including children ) per shoot/portrait, and/or the clients are from the same family group or bubble

5. Photographer and client to maintain social distancing in line with government guidance. Photographer to achieve this by stepping back and directing them to position. Photographer and client to be alert to social distancing guidance and take personal responsibility for maintaining their own distance.

6. Client to maintain personal responsibility for their own hygiene practices inline with government ‘stay alert’ guidance:

7. Client to wear a mask where possible throughout the session, until the portraits are to be taken, and then replaced whilst talking.

7. Photographer to ensure a clear pathway from the door to the shooting area to ensure that client can move freely without making unnecessary or excessive contact with furniture/ objects in the room.

8. Photographer to wear PPE throughout session.

Estimate Risk Level (H/M/L) now



What further action is needed to reduce the risk? (State actions)

Please note that although the photographer has put in place safeguards to minimise the risk of a client contracting COVID-19, it is not possible to eradicate the risk completely. Therefore, the client takes responsibility for their own personal health and safety and must make a personal risk assessment in order to identify whether they deem the residual risk to be too high.

In this risk assessment, the client should take in to account their own individual vulnerabilities, including whether they are within one of the ‘at risk’ categories as identified in government guidance.


Name of Assessor: Duncan Knifton

Job Title: Owner DK Photography IOW

PDF Copy Free to Download: C19 Copy