School and Pre-School Photography Services.
(*Parental permission to use all portraits used in this guide)

As a CRB checked Photographer, I have had the pleasure of being asked to be the official photographer
at a number of schools on the Isle of Wight.


"Why Should We Have DK Photography As Our School Photographer?"

1) Local Island Trader

2) Fast Turn Around

3) Affordable Prints

4) Minimum 10% Commission

*5) Private online gallery for the parents available via email
Password Protected, no public viewing.


I like to work closely with my schools, so plan around any timetable that’s given.
I offer a number of styles of portraits, and the school can choose the one that they feel suits
them and also what they feel the parents would like. 
All portraits are then proofed, and can be ordered via the proof sheet and/or online via a private online 
gallery that only the school and parents know the password to.
*The online option is only shared to parents who use their child's unique code,
and then a personal online album is made with only their child's portraits.
The school is always informed when this is being set up, for security reasons*



Style 1: White Backdrop
What you would normally expect from this type of work. Large white backdrop to do head/shoulder 
and full length portraits. Also ideal for when siblings wish to have group portraits.

Style 2: Themed Backdrop
Either a printed vinyl backdrop, or Green Screen tech, to make the portrait stand out from the norm. 
The theme can be chosen from the selection I will be getting new for this coming year. *please ask for more details.
This is also ideal for special events like Graduations, Leavers Parties or even Christmas Parties.


Style 3: Playtime
Portraits are taken in a candid style whilst the Children are playing, either indoors or out in the playground.

This is a different way to take school portraits, especially suited for schools who wish to show their 
pupils in their true character, and away from the normal school portrait. 
Normally taken in Black & White (although colour is an option) these are a great documentary of childhood.



Easy to follow ordering sheet, that will have two portraits to choose from.
And great pricing, making it affordable for all budgets.
*The CD is being replaced with a USB, but will stay the same price.*

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