At the weddings I'm asked to do, I tend to help with relaxing the couple on their big day, they have so much to think about, so anything I can do to help take the pressure off I am more than willing to do so.
I even help out with the guests photography. I am being paid by the Bride and Groom to get the shots in, but as soon as I have the right ones, I move to one side to let their guests take their own. They’re there to enjoy themselves and help the couple celebrate the day, they don’t need a Photographer getting in the way. It all makes the day one big special event. In fact sometimes I often get mistaken for a guest or a family friend at weddings, which is a great honour.

My portrait work is aimed at those who want to have fun, and dont want to travel to a formal studio.
I come to the home of the client, or any of the beauty spots we are blessed with on the island. I am CRB checked for children's portraits and school work, as I can understand the modern day fears that some parents can have.

Whether doing a wedding, a party or a family portrait sitting, what other job can you say that you get invited to a party or special occasion every week. The joy and emotion you see in everyone’s face is something you cant replace. Its unique.
I wouldn't change my job for anything else.